Abundance Angel a Poem by FlyingSwan .....

Abundance Angel brings to me Wealth, joy, love that I can see;

Date:   4/22/2007 10:37:25 AM ( 15 y ago)

My feelings tingle as I perceive
Abundance I can hardly believe

Abundance of Wealth flows into me
Flooding my life with prosperity;
My abundance awakens my memory
Of the love I hold for all I see

Abundance of Joy makes my heart sing
As I thank you for the wealth you bring;
I chant with grace and harmony
As I live my life abundantly

Abundance of Love, you are real
As I open my heart to the warmth I feel;
Draw us together to hug and share,
And show one another that we care

Abundance Angel, I sing your praise
As you shower your gifts down in new ways;
We merge as one; we expand and grow
Swimming together in life's flow

By George E. Lockett


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