Hooves: Apple Cider Vinegar for Abscesses in Horse's Hooves by RisingSun .....

His hooves were abscessing. During walks with Davis soaking boots on, they refilled the boots often with a garden hose to flush out the open abscess tracks at his coronet bands, and the last fill-up was with a apple cider vinegar and water solution, about 15-20% vinegar. All this helped clean out the abscessing. There was a track open from the top, by the coronet band, all the way down the toe, which had no laminar attachment, and out the sole. She believes hoof mechanism accounts for why, when she cleaned his feet and put fresh water in, after walking a bit, the hoof mechanism seemed to be flushing more debris through this open track down the toe, and the water got "dirty" after more walking.

Date:   7/2/2005 8:03:28 PM ( 16 y ago)




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