Liver flush # 7 by TGParker .....

12/12/2004 - LF # 7 Andras Moritz method

Date:   4/1/2005 2:58:31 PM ( 17 y ago)

LF # 7 Andras Moritz method, malic acid, epsom salts, olive oil, grapefruit juice etc.., plus massage and heat applied to liver after drinking olive oil & grape fruit juice. Coffee and water enemas, etc.. Only about 50 small yellow and tan chips, flakes, shards, & chaff ranging from 1/16" to 1/4" hmm... Also noticed some long stringy wormy looking things.. they were almost transparent could have just been sludge and grunge...weren't sure what they were.. Maybe I should also do a Hulda Clark parasite cleanse. AM's book says the average is between 6-8 flushes... Could the smaller yield of stones mean that I'm nearing the end of my flushing? Maybe I should wait two weeks for my next flush... This flush was on the "new moon", maybe I should schedule my next flush BETWEEN the "full moon" and the next "new moon"...BTW any ideas when that should be?


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