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Even though disaster is eye opening, fear provoking, humbling experience...It is a wakeup call...Much as Sadhana is kicking my so much, as I had a laugh-a-thon, full bendover, stomach crunching laugh melt down...These experiences cleanse the decks for new paradigms (change)..they change perspective. (and BTW, I amnot comparing Katrina to a laugh breakdown-but changes occur under both these types of circumstances!) Oh yeah, I noticed that my Cold Water blog entitled "Something is Wrong" was read more than my other postings. It interesting isn't it? maybe a low reading day on Curezone...or? Nothing is really wrong, except I needed a nap.

Date:   9/27/2005 10:13:35 AM ( 16 y ago)

Last week in this section, I asked the question:

'How has a personal “disaster” affected you?'

Here are the results you gave us.

1. It helped me see what is really important. - (60.6%)
2. It redirected me down a much better path. - (49.2%)
3. It made me realize that the “good” had clouded the “best.” - (22%)
4. It destroyed my “stuff” but strengthened my relationships. - (19.1%)
5. It wiped me out and I have never recovered. - (8.1%)
6. It made me the bitter pessimist I am today. - (7.2%)

Yes, we now allow you to vote for all the answers that apply ¯ thus the plus 100% total. This still shows the most favored categories. Thanks for sharing your incredible stories of personal “disasters.” Obviously, most of you now see those as having led you in a better direction.


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