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Pleasure is a state of Mind, Sarina's introduction of her pleasure coaching path

Date:   4/11/2005 1:48:10 PM ( 17 y ago)

My Name is Sarina and I dedicate my life to the expression of play and pleasure.

Two main forces set me on this path.

As a child, I was robbed of my innocence due to many incidences of sexua| abuse and sexua| violation.

As an adult, I was bothered by reccurring regressions that would pop up during the most intimate times. After attending incest support group I noticed how stuck the women were in rehashing childhood traumas.

My response was to claim my sexua| power by studying the nature of extended orgasms, the nature of loving clear communication,and the nature of authentic intimacy.

Believe me, I had my share of addictive misguided set of behaviors.

I was used to affirming my identity by responding to sexua| attention.

Knowing how to be the captain of my own ship has been the real key.

I dedicate my work to the memory of my mother, who grew up within a cultural setting that discourage women from speaking of their needs and desires.

When I first got married, my mother's main advice was to keep quiet. In her eyes, the role of a woman was to maintain peace the home, and definitely not challenge the man.
After she dies from a rare form of cancer that suffocated her vocal cords I got the message.

Being the "Good girl" or "Good wife" can be hazardous to your health!!!!

In the mid eighties I joined a sex commune with my husband and two young boys.
I was dumb founded when the teachers there encouraged me to declare what I wanted sexually and sensually.

Now 20 years later...My cup has runneth over with joy, play and pleasure that is incorporated into almost every daily activity.

My life is blessed with the establishment of a pleasure oriented household.
Sounds of orgasms are celebrated on daily basis.

We all deal with aches, pain, or even the diminishing of physical capabilities, but pleasure is our state of mind!

The real joy of living is to invent sweet moments of play and pleasure in every situation.

My intention is for the quality of your life to be enhanced by our encounters.

I am open for coaching.


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