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Date:   6/3/2007 2:34:47 PM ( 14 y ago)

To put it simply, I was completely WOWed by the VIBE Conference this year. It is only my 2nd VIBE Conference. For those who do not know what I mean by VIBE Conference, it is a conference all about the VIBE Machine which is the Vibrational Energetic BioPhotonic Energizer. The focus is not primarily on business, as such, but rather on our collective focus on helping other people, and how to keep ourselves healthy and balanced in order to continue to be available to offer help to others.

Kind of like the old saying..."healer, heal thyself."

There were many speakers, and all were excellent. The two who I connected with most were Dr. Jake Johnston, and Oceanna Guest.

Dr. Johnston is an emergency room Physician, owns a VIBE Machine, gave a detailed scientific presentation, which also included a picture of his two young children, who were VIBEd in utero, and have been VIBing ever since. I wish that his power point presentation was available to attach to this blog message, but it is not available yet. I'm hoping it will be. I did find a small quote re: Dr. Johnston on the 'net:

"Dr. Jake Johnston, an emergency room physician who is seeking funding to do clinical trials with the V.I.B.E., said that increasing cell voltage is just one way the machine may impact health. He says that because coherent energy patterns create structure and form, the V.I.B.E.'s energy field is probably organizing the structural components of the cell. He explains, 'If you change the cell's capacitance  its ability to store energy  you can change calcium and magnesium channels, insulin receptors and a host of other cellular components.' "

Oceanna Guest has a VIBE Center in California with Steve Eckensberger, and she spoke of many things, and ended her talk with an insightful smiling Buddha story. The energy she emanated was what amazed me. Very pure and immensely healing. Taking the form of bright orange and yellow flower petals. That's what I saw around her. You can read more about her on their website:

Because the VIBE Machine is currently classified as an experimental device, VIBE practitioners can really only claim that it helps energize people. With a specific intention set, though, so much more can be accomplished.

The client's intent and participation in achieving his/her overall health improvement goals is key regarding what can be achieved.

The sky's the limit.

There are new components for the machine on the horizon as well. Patent process isn't completed yet--patent is still pending. We got to try out the machine with the new component installed. It changes the direction of the frequencies the machine resonates, increasing the potential benefit from VIBE sessions. It's dark blue and changes the appearance of the machine.

Dr. Ginger Bowler was one of the presenters. She spoke of some exciting results with a man suffering for years with addictions who had tried treatment, Methadone, etc. and was still suffering. Through distance healing at first, and then some personal sessions with the VIBE machine, he is no longer using drugs. Apparently the powerful balancing effect VIBE sessions create had helped him gain the strength to live life drug free.

I enjoyed the pleasant surroundings at the Y Camp in Estes Park, fields full of relaxed, grazing elk; hordes of other happy campers all over the gigantic complex. Our group stayed at a lodge near the auditorium where our presentations and meals were.

The whole conference will be available on DVD soon. Some fellows from the Discovery Channel were there filming it for a series on new technologies.

At the core of the whole thing were Gene Koonce, and his partner Sandi Taylor, and their friendly staff. Warm and welcoming as usual. And pure water everywhere for us to drink, nice new "energize your water" water bottles, and the opportunity to meet other VIBE practitioners from all over the planet.

It is pretty remarkable to be with a large group of people, mostly apparently age 50+ who are so alive and full of energy and vibrant health. There were several levels, and no elevators in the buildings we used, and all participants were navigating the stairs and long hallways, as well as the long hill between the two main buildings with ease.

I do not want to market myself; that is not my intention here. Just to get clear with my adherence to and respect of CureZone policies.

I'm pretty excited about the VIBE machine and what it can do to help people. It is not expensive. Many practitioners accept donations only, prices range from donations only to $35 a session. Those with fixed prices usually do a sliding scale fee based on ability to pay.

A google search can give you lots of information if you want more.

I get a bit scattered when I'm so full of energy and enthusiasm about something. Giddy.

Love and light to you,


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