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Date:   8/13/2007 10:59:01 PM ( 14 y ago)

Goddess Gaia

Goddess Gaia,
Queen of the Earth,
Her Silken Gown spun
from the Waters of the Sea
with colors of the Bluest of Blues
and the Greenest of Greens,
threaded with Purple and Silver and Gold,
Her hair of Water Lilies,
Her skin of Darkest Earth,
Her eyes of Brilliant Emerald
With Centers of Sapphire and Diamond,
Her wings of Red-Tailed Hawk
and Her tail of Woodland Wolf,
swirled and whirled

Goddess Gaia Danced, faster and Faster and FASTER,
until She blurred into All Creatures,
Two-Legged and Four-Legged, Winged and Furred,
Finned and Creepy Crawly,
and All Elements, Earth and Water, Fire and Wind,
StarLight and MoonLight,
and All Directions, North and South, East and West,
Heaven and Earth

Goddess Gaia Swirled and Whirled,
Danced and Blurred
until a Vortex formed
around and above and beneath Her,
and as the Vortex Spun
and the Air condensed,
Goddess Gaia Fell
Into the Vortex of Creation,
still Dancing

--Liora Leah

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