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Date:   3/2/2006 8:51:22 PM ( 15 y ago)

Today is my second day on the lemonade diet. I am also drinking a glass of kombucha tea a day and utilising the Flora Rene Caisse herbs as well. I had some mild healing crises today, a mild hunger pang at work and a headache. When I got home, I went to bed and rested and it went away. Drinking the Caisse herbs helped because the herbs are potent detox herbs. My brain is doing some heavy duty offloading of caffeine, heavy metals,etc. and earlier the headache was annoying. It made my eyes feel like eye strain. Oh well it's over now and I have energy to move some paintings for my mom and write my blogs.

Tomorrow I have my appointment at the gynecologist. It's the first one I've had since being diagnosed with genital warts. I've not seen a physician since my unhappy experience at Planned Parenthood. I cured my warts myself. I'm going to post some of the things I used to do this. If I was fasting and going 100% raw I'm sure I would have done better but oh well. EVERYTHING IN ITS TIME. I knew that there would be a day when Queen Afua's teachings about fasting for healing and purification would click within me. It's the whole concept of having a pure body temple to receive the gift of children from God. My fiance told me no matter what the gyno tells me, he'll love me anyway. Isn't he sweet!

I'm also going to start outlining more chapters of the book this weekend. I am going to the New Life Expo where I hope Queen Afua will lecture again. If she does, I'll be sure to take a picture with her and post it. Her wisdom is for our time and for ALL WOMEN and yes men too. We can't forget our wonderful men.


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