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saturday morning

Date:   3/11/2006 9:31:49 AM ( 15 y ago)

I had two glasses of juice with bee pollen and psyllium husks in the second glass. I'm going to pick up this fast again in two weeks since my last fast was nine days. I don't want to overdo it, even though I screwed up. Yesterday I was very emotional :( I'm no where near that emotional today BUT I do realise that I can gain back the ten pounds I lost if I'm not careful. I'm hitting the gym before I go over to my mother's job. It's GORGEOUS outside so I'm going to get some exercise by cleaning up the kitchen and geting outside into the garden. It's gardening time and being around nature always makes me feel better. I learned more than I realise on this fast, my first time fast. The second one will better than this one. It will take me a week to get into a fasting mindset and not be derailed by PMS, looking at my waistline,etc. I'm also not going to tell anyone, not even family when I'm doing this fast. Only my fiance will know since he's been nothing but SUPPORTIVE as opposed to my sister who called me a cheater for putting orange juice in my boring lemonade. There's no need for any negativity right? So why ask for it?

I'm heading downstairs to clean out my living space. That's one of Queen Afua's principles of detox. Your house should reflect your inner life. Right now it is doing just that. It's clean but not CLEAN, with a few paper scattered around.

My between fasts exercise program is going to involve lots of running/walking and light weight lifting. Today I'll be running on the treadmill at the gym but this morning is lifting tires for my tire garden,rocks,etc. I'm not going to bikram yoga anymore but I do plan to continue doing yoga. I'm really going to be focusing on run/walking, calisthenics and weights now as they burn more fat and really trim the body. I lost weight with bikram but now I'm not doing it anymore so you know what could happen! My long term goal is to be very light on my feet,very trimmed down and lean, not model thin but yogic/rawfood lean. Look at Jinjee Talifero! Just like that.


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