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Date:   5/17/2006 7:02:36 AM ( 15 y ago)

Before opening the Smai Tawi Heal Thyself/Know Thyself Center, Queen Afua, herself had followed the path less traveled-of ancestral healing and transformed her own life. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, she went on a healing retreat.

"At the age of eighteen I was filled with dis-ease. I was suffering from chronic asthma, hay fever, and arthritis," she explains. On this retreat, she discovered the connection between what one eats and one's state of health. For three days she fasted on citrus fruits and healed herself returning home renewed, which inspired her to study holistic health as well as embracing African culture and spirituality.

Her first book, Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity, which charts her own transformation sold over 100,000 copies, forever influencing the way African-Americans practice holistic health. In becoming an awakened African woman, she began to soul search into what was our form of medicine and healing.
She learnt that in the past, African Priestesses and Priests used the knowledge of natural remedies; such as aroma therapy, herbology, reflexology and hydrotherapy, to heal.

On a trip to Khamit (Egypt), she saw the spiritual significance of a woman's womb in the form of the Neter (God/Goddess) Nut. This led to her to recognizing the womb as the female sacred center.

The Heal Thyself fasting, live food cleansing and natural living Programs are designed to empower you by setting you on the Path of Purification by offering to the community of the world a Natural Living Lifestyle alternative for wellness in body, mind and spirit.

This program applied will aid you in the ancient knowledge that will assist you in the unfolding of your most sacred being through a hands-on group training program under the guidance of dedicated, focused, committed and devoted Heal Thyself Fasting Instructors, Ambassadors and Ministers of Purification.

One will learn the practical power of nature through the 4 levels of Cleansing for Transitional, Beginner, Intermediate and advanced students by becoming aware of the benefits of consuming organic wholesome foods, herbs, live juices, seeds, nuts, whole grains, as well as learning how to apply clay, internal cleansing, sacred baths, exercise, proper breathing and universal prayers. The Heal Thyself Fasting, live food cleansing and Natural living Program will allow you to meet and be in the company of people from all walks of life, w ho like you, are aspiring to ascend on the Heal Thyself Path of Purification.

“Each one teach one”

Through Liberation through Purification we can effect a personal change. Through Liberation through Purification we can effect a massive world change from a world of destruction, war, famine, and dis-ease, to a world of peace, health and healing. We, at Heal Thyself, know that the world and all its conditions begin from within and it is through the inner most center of wellness that all things are possible.

All those on the Heal Thyself wellness, victorious, success journey, once resurrected, centered, and reconnected to their own inner power are encouraged to speak, demonstrate and pass on the good word that we have the innate ability with the help of the Creator through Natural Laws of at-one-ment through nature’s tools to Heal Thyself. By living a Natural Life-Style for a minimum of 12 weeks, which is the beginning of the 365 days of wellness, your Inner Light will become lit and therefore the world will become a healthier balanced world in which to live in.

“ The Creator has a master plan, and we have an opportunity through The Path of Purification to be a true living witness as part of the Divine Plan of Wholeness and Wellness."

By Queen Afua, Founder and Director of Heal Thyself, Inc., and Author of Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity


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