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Date:   12/28/2006 12:27:22 PM ( 15 y ago)

I am paying the price for straying from womb healing principles. I've not eaten meat in quite a while...almost a year I think. Don't miss it but I've been eating a lot of dairy products. My period is late and either I'm pregnant or I have a fibroid. I believe the second is more likely as I already took a test and it was negative. If I do not get my period after this first round of womb tea, I will retake the tests again. It's practically impossible for us to get pregnant because we are very conservative in our practice of NFP but you never know. According to my PMS journal, my last few spots were twenty three days ago. I have another week or so before I really get concerned and if it doesn't come by next week, I will retest. By then I'll have health insurance and go to a gynecologist to be examined.

I'm dividing my doses of One Love Womb tea just in case I AM pregnant. One Love Womb Tea has pennyroyal in it, an emmenegogue which means to bring on menstruation OR if in enough quantity can cause an abortion. I remember reading the story of one woman who drank more than a gallon of pennyroyal tea at once and succeeded in giving herself an abortion but went to the hospital too with hemorrhaging. Dumb move. Anyway, I drank two cups last night. I am about to drink another two cups now.

I am starting to read Sacred Woman again, the chapter on womb healing. I'm cleaning out my refrigerator and am walking to work today. The walking will make me feel better.


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