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Jesus the Christ, as channelled by Isaac George, speaks of serving Spirit rather than immersing ones self in the busyness and materialism of the world.

Date:   9/1/2006 2:25:38 AM ( 15 y ago)

"Tending the Garden"

A Message from Master Yeshua (Jesus), the Christ
Isaac George @ Pure Divine

"I come in peace. Even though there is discord and troubles in the world, let your heart not be troubled. Your heart is needed most now, a heart that is awakened and resonant.

Be your beingness, your isness, instead of some improved version of your ego self. Wipe off the labels and throw them away. Who told you that you were not worthy of the Christ? Why are you still feeling stuck, unsuccessful and unfulfilled? If you are having that experience my friends, you are attached to the label of success/failure, which is just another judgment, a judgment from the world. The only way to end that is to think as Spirit thinks, and that can only occur when you stop thinking you know the way.

Many of you are still so focused in the dream, and now the dream is fraying even more at the edges. The world is still trying so hard to achieve peace, achieve prosperity, and find love. You are also trying too hard, so much so that you feel depressed and despondent because it appears that the world is going in the opposite direction from love. So, your heart hurts, your head hurts, and even your body hurts. It hurts because you feel things ever more deeply than before. It all may feel so dense and slow now that you question all that you've known. This is good! Question all of it, for in that you will discover the limitation of your beliefs. How can you remember freedom if you still have a stake in your identification with the world game? Very few heard the message of Truth two thousand years ago, and now it is barely understood, much less practiced.

Your desires still count for something, but not in the ways that you have imagined them to be. Why recreate limitation in new forms? Why do you insist in putting the new wine of consciousness into old skins. They will burst my friends, and then what? Allowing Spirit to create through you is pure creation, while much of what is now created in form is a distortion of the creative spark. If it were not a distortion, then the world would not be trapped in an seemingly endless cycle of solutions, followed by problems created from theprevious solutions, etc., etc.

Instead, a direct intention to allow your Spirit/Soul to bring forth what is required is a more balanced way to flow with things. Flow it from the heart instead of the mind. The creative urge is there to express your Divinity, not add to the distortions and miscreations already in the world. Has it ever occurred to you why a greater part of the world rejected the message of love and faith two millennia ago? It rejected the Truth because it is the antithesis of the system, and refutes the false wisdom of the world. Even though I spoke in parables using analogies to farming and sheparding to describe spiritual concepts, it was not because I chose to legitimize the world, it was to offer the Truth in a simple way.

I did not produce a product, I never endorsed a brand, I never owned a house, nor raised a family, I had no possessions or investments. I never owned a business nor did I invent tools. My biggest audiences were simple laborers and people who lived close to the earth, people who were intimate with nature. Those of the professional and educated classes that heard the Truth in their hearts eventually left their previous livelihoods and devoted themselves to Spirit in various ways.

Now, none of what I just related means that you need to sell everything you have and give it to the poor. Nonetheless, if you do not renounce (which means give up your attachment to or belief in?) the apparent power of the world to fulfill you or to harm you, then you will be poor indeed! I know that what I am saying was not popular then, nor is it now, but that is the way of it. If you are to return to the Truth of Who You Are, if you are to experience real peace and Oneness while in the human dimension, then you will choose to swim against the tide of the consensus reality. Who knows, you may become more unpopular than I was! Let us hope so.

My primary message at this time is, and always was, to come back to your Self, and come back to the essentials. What is essential, what really matters, is to connect with Self, with your true consciousness. Where you will find your Self is in Nature, in communion with the Planet. She is the narrow portal into the Infinite. Her Heart is your heart. Her Body is your body. You created Her, and now she serves You. In Her you will find Me, and when you find Me, you will have found Your Self. Listen to the words of Truth once again:

'Therefore I say to you. Take no thought for your life, what you shall eat, or what you shall drink, nor yet for your body and how it is clothed. Is not Life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Behold the birds of the air. They do not sow or reap, or gather the harvest, yet they are fed. Are you not much greater than they? Which of you, by thinking about it, can add one inch to your height?

Therefore, take no thought and worry about these things, for Spirit knows what you have need of before you ask for it. Seek Spirit first, and the rest is taken care of. Take no thought from tomorrow, for tomorrow will take thought for itself. Sufficient is the trouble for that day.'

Yes, I paraphrased here, but the if you want to be free and remember your Self as a being of Spirit, then it is by your intention that you will be free. Free of the limitation of your karmic ego, and free of the world's arguments against Spirit. You cannot serve the world and Spirit, you cannot be a house divided against itself, and know peace. Which will you serve and be served by?

Are you tending the Garden of your Soul, or preoccupied with the busyness of the world? If there are weeds in your consciousness, then fruit cannot come forth. Remove the old thoughts by using the power of your intention to align with your true nature. The heart is the organ that waters the garden, while being grounded in the earth is the foundation for the roots, and ecstasy is the fruit that comes forth after careful nurturance of your feelings through love of Self and the Universal Self that is all other souls. Listen to the Garden, and let it tell you what is necessary for real growth and true creation. Then beauty will arise in your Life and touch all with whom you share your abundance. Love the earth with a passion born in heaven, and heaven will root in the earth and in you as well.

You tend the Garden of the Soul by caring, simply caring. Care for yourself by gently, but firmly, focusing on time with Spirit. Each morning or each evening, find ten or fifteen minutes of to be still and intentionally connect inside. Ask to be a channel of blessings to others, and to express your inherent Divinity without hesitation or fear. Forgive everything and everyone, especially yourself. Slowly and with the help if Grace, disengage your preoccupation with struggle and the limited desires of the ego. Ask for the desire of your Soul to manifest your path for you. If you believe you are not ready for a life of blessings, then you will be acquainted with more disappointment. Instead, cultivate trust in that which is beyond the so-called power of the world. If you believe that all things are possible, and gradually practice living from that consciousness, then whatever is appropriate will manifest through you with ease and magnificence. Be mindful of your dreams, but have no agendas or strategies. Ask the Father-Mother in you to do the work, and you are then free to enjoy the flowers and fruits in your Garden.

I know what is in your heart of Hearts, for that is where I live. The divine intelligence in your sacred heart is power of all Powers. This is the true Creator, the Source of All. There is nothing that does not exist that was not created through the Word that lives in the core of your Heart. The Word makes it so, and when spoken in pure faith, which is knowing beyond knowledge, then miracles are the result. If you would create aright, then instead of creating a new computer, car, or cell phone, create a beautiful garden, a beautiful home, a beautiful relationship or friendship, an inspiring painting, or healing music, or uplifting literature. Create laughter in the lives of others, and love passionately and freely, without thought of keeping, holding or possessing. If you really want to live heaven, then explore the kingdom within you, and stop settling for what the ego has mis-created.

Everyone is You, and you are Everyone. When your Heart can remember that, then you cannot harm another, for to harm another would be harming yourself. And when all the children of the One remember, then the Garden will be well-tended, and will never wither. Plant your garden now, in rich soil, and with clean water, and with much love.

Then tend to it daily, and allow the relationship to build naturally, giving out gratitude, and receiving the blessings of love. Relax into your Self, and let the Master Gardner do the work.

May peace be with you this day.

End message

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