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Kryon, a group feminine energy channeled by Lee Carroll, tells us that we can change our DNA through intent, thought, and action.

Date:   8/14/2007 4:41:34 PM ( 14 y ago)

The following is an excerpt from In the Spirit, a free on-line magazine featuring channelings, articles, and information from Kryon:

Most Humans, even the most enlightened ones, don't think they are actually working with their DNA, but they are. I have recently revealed to my partner [Lee] the inner workings of the massive part of DNA that is the non-coded portions (RNA) that science still views as "junk" or recently the "dark matter of the Human Genome." These are the parts that contain the Akashic record*, the Lemurian connections you all have, and yes, even the non-Human attributes that the Pleadians gave to you. These are the interdimensional parts and are the ones that can be awakened into mastery by your own efforts.

Therefore, you might say that the difference between the most evil Human Being on record and the highest master on record is what was happening regarding these interdimensional parts of DNA. Each Human has control of his own. He can ignore the divinity and chose to sink into the lowest energy imaginable, becoming obsessed with death, torture, greed, power and worship of evil mythology. He also has the same power to discover the divinity and move into a sacred space that heretofore was reserved only for the masters who walked the earth. This is called free choice and "duality." The Human, therefore, is God and Devil, and is in control of the dark and light portions of their own soul.

This is such a foreign idea to most humans, that they instead assign such things to angels and demons, embracing light and dark mythology to explain it all away... never taking responsibility in either direction! If something bad happens, then the Devil did it. If something magnificent happens, then God did it. The truth is that the Human is at the controls of all of it.

Change your intent; work on yourself; ask for answers; create the quest for peace in your life and begin to understand and study what the masters had. If you do this, you will affect and change your DNA. It absorbs your energy of intent like "instruction sets from the boss." It is then that your aura will change.

You never "intervene" with your DNA. You simply move the veil from the 3D aspects that are keeping it from functioning at 100 percent. Think about that for awhile. When you work with your DNA, what you are really doing is subtracting Humanism!

* a 3D definition of the Akash: The Akash is defined by Kryon as not only the life force of the planet, but all the history and records as well. It encompasses past, present and future. It represents all life, including that which you see in 3D and also interdimensionally, which is that which you don't even recognize as life. It includes Gaia, too, for she is the master of the Akash... the overseer and advisor...

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Spirit, "tell me what it is I need to know and create. Let me have peace in my life no matter what that is, and let me celebrate what is before me and know that it is divine." -- Kryon


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