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The power of the light of truth in moving through an "unjust" event. Good timing for a new beginning!

Date:   8/7/2005 5:19:04 PM ( 16 y ago)

Greetings Dear Friends!

It appears that I needed to start a "new" Blog (that is in large part a continuation of my former Blog: "Truth of Self" with 16 entries). And my first thought about this fact is that this is most fitting for me to start this "Son of ..." Blog now because it coincides with the new beginnings I am anticipating in my life as of today! I talked with a friend this morning that needs a traveling companion on a cross-country move happening in the next moon cycle. (As I mentioned in part. 16 of "Truth of Self") I have been thinking of getting additional training in my development as a healer (have third degree Reiki) and already considered the possibility of traveling to other parts of the country for an extended period of time to fully focus on the training. In all my seeking, asking, praying, etc. I believe I have received the beginning of an answer. The "answer" is primarily that I have accepted a recent experience and series of events as somewhat of a reply to my inquires.

I am a foreigner to the corporate government and my allegiance goes to a higher government. My Rights do not come from government, they never did and they never will. It use to be that proper government acknowledged and defended the Rights of Humankind yet now when people refer to their Rights (sometimes stated as "Constitutional rights" even though the Constitution itself doesn't actually give us these Rights) they are considered enemies of the corporate state. It is under this present-time atmosphere of calling and treating Americans (and really any Citizen on Earth) enemies that I can understand how some people want to leave the country! Fortunately, I feel fairly "secure" that I am able to travel cross-country and simply distance myself from one local system that has shown me it's true colors. And with an "artist" sensitivity, I prefer to "paint" "my world" with different colors and different strokes.

Greater peace to you all!

Chef Jem

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