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Date:   9/2/2005 6:04:05 PM ( 18 y ago)

I had an interesting experience today. I was making my lemonade and one of my rromates who knew about it from a previous discussion was asking me question. At the same time another roomate was there listening. I was answering the question without hesitation and going in to great detail with great comfort. For some reason I did not feel threatened by this other guy. Why not? Was it because someone else was there that seemed to approve of what I was doing. Or was it just the other guys personality that prevented me from projecting my thoughts into his head? Or was it because he seemed interested (so did the other roomate from the other day....) I don't know....just getting this onto paper.

I made the phonecall to the girl today. I left a message on her home phone. There was a lot of anxiety. My thoughts were all over the place and I felt rather numbed by all the thoughts. But I kept my composure, talked a little to fast, but managed to leave a message to call me back. Now the anxiety of the upcoming phone call back is pretty strong. But I have a plan suggest meeting for coffee and some stimulating conversation. We'll see!

Day 5 of the cleanse....had some food cravings today. I want to eat stuff that tastes good. I know I will be able to when I am finished.....


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