Chemtrails: Too weird to be true by oztin .....

Maybe chemtrails really aren't real... and these are just contrails that came out of regular airplanes. And maybe bears don't sh*t in the woords, and frogs' *ss isn't watertight.

Date:   9/8/2005 2:41:23 PM ( 16 y ago)

Rather than go on and on and debating whether or not chemtrails are real or not, or conspiracy theories or just contrails or god's farts or whatever, here's several pictures that I took some time back.    Too weird for me.

It was just a normal day, I was in "la-la-land"...  no idea of the kind of world we really lived in...  then looked up at the sky and this is what I saw:


I sez to my friend, "Friend, check out those clouds...  pretty neat, huh?"  He sez,"Boy, those ain't no regular clouds, them's chemtrails."  Huh?  What the heck are "Chemtrails"?

We continue to drive, and by this time, I had my digital camera whipped out snapping up pictures left and right.  Here's a picture that really captures the sham that society has bought into and the consequences:

Totally weird how the trails were wisping up like that. 

A couple of days later, I took this picture outside my house.  It wasn't until I downloaded the picture and boosted the contrast that the picture really looked weirder than ever.  See for yourself.

Maybe chemtrails really aren't real...  and these are just contrails that came out of regular airplanes.   And maybe bears don't sh*t in the woods, and frogs' *ss ain't watertight.



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