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My intentions with Hurricane Rita

Date:   9/23/2005 12:02:29 AM ( 16 y ago)

"But the antidote is maybe not just technology, maybe not gadgets, maybe not machines, maybe not what Gene was looking at, but what Art Bell has been doing, which is to focus people’s energies, their concentration, on smoothing out the rough edges and moving us through this perilous time in a coherent, musical coherent fashion. A harmonious transition as opposed to a discordant transition. It could be as simple, Art, as getting this audience to focus on a future they really want to happen -- not the one they are afraid will happen. "

It's very fitting that I read this article today.  I have family rushing out of Houston and stuck in traffic for over 18 hours to crawl 30 miles as Rita approaches.  I have family who chose to stay and ride the storm out.  I have been stressed all day to the point where it's been difficult for me to function. 

I know the future outcome that I'm focusing on.  I've released my intentions out into the universe and I'm detached from the outcome.  I've said my prayers, and I know all is in Divine order, and that His Will be done. 

Amen.  Aum.



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