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Food allergies make cleansing much more difficult, yet cleansing may be the only route away from food allergy symptoms: blog to start exploring the best path

Date:   11/7/2005 5:06:27 PM ( 16 y ago)

Ok here it is - food allergies, also known as food sensitivities, or food intolerances. Technically the word "allergies" only applies to those who go into shock and pass out or head for the nearest emergency room, but the words intolerances and sensitivities are just too darn long, and everyone with this type of problem with certain foods generally ends up calling it food allergies too. Thus, in this blog, it'll be called food allergies.
If you have them, you probably already know it. If you aren't sure, a google on the term "food sensitivities" will tell a lot.

And the problem then isn't how to know for sure if you have them, but what to do about them. I think people out there in my shoes can relate to this - there are piles of websites advising various means of testing to find out what foods cause the problems, and generally the advice is "avoid those foods". Nearly impossible if you are allergic to more than one or two things, especially if those one or two things are wheat or milk ingredients, which are contained in even small amounts as ingredients in many dishes. There must be a better way, especially since nearly all of the people I've spoken with who have this problem were not born with it - they acquired it.

This blog is meant to provide a source of...empathy, I guess is the word, from a fellow sufferer, to those people who have food allergies that give them daily problems due to the prevalence of the foods they should avoid. And most of all, this blog is meant to give those sufferers a bit of feedback from someone who has intimate experience with all of this, in a way that may help someone find a way to get rid of their allergies. I have not gotten rid of mine. But I've read a few hints that might be a little bit of hope.

It's odd to me that there isn't a forum on Curezone for food allergies - only one for allergies in general, but then I guess there can't be a forum for everything. But that is one of the things that led me to set up this blog - so if someone else out there googles the words "food allergies" on curezone, they might at least come up with a little more info.

In the following weeks, I'll post all of the various methods I've tried, and comment on whether they helped me much or not. Unfortunatly, so far the step that helps the most is avoiding all of the allergens, which means basically staying home all day, or suffering the consequences. BUT there is a major route that I haven't explored nearly enough, and it is the one that I think gives the most hope. Wandering around online (boy have I done that a lot), it seems that for about every 500 experts or experienced people stating that the only way to deal with food allergies is to avoid those foods, there is one who has some experience with actually eliminating the allergy altogether via liver cleansing or improvement of the digestive process.

Wow, eliminated the allergies? Altogether? So what's the holdup, North, you ask - why haven't you just gone diving right into that? Well hey - that's the direction I'm going to explore, but readers who deal with similar symptoms as I do from food problems will understand this: The process of bowel cleansing and liver cleansing is fraught with delays and problems for those who are so limited in the foods they can eat without symptoms. If someone reacts to many fruits, can't eat any real amount of fruit or fruit juice alone without hypoglycemic reactions, must avoid grains to avoid problems, can't eat dairy at all, and is even sensitive to many vegetables, then eating a "clean" diet for the purpose of bowel cleansing becomes difficult.

This afternoon I have energy, enough to write all this out. Earlier, I had a lunch of bad things - wheat products, cheese, along with some not-so bad things. I always get a wonderful surge of energy after eating those two things (wheat and cheese together)...followed by fatigue, headaches, and constipation the next day. Quite a merry go round this - if I eliminate all of my no-nos, then it takes a good 7 or 8 days to get past the withdravel fatigue, and then as soon as I let the smallest bit of those no-nos in, even as an ingredient by accident, I'm back to being tired again. So bear with me, some days I may not be posting a long note...but I'll try my best to keep moving in a positive direction as I set down info on the various tips, tricks, and deadends I've experienced. Maybe it'll help me and someone else at the same time.


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