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Lessons in Loving

Date:   5/31/2006 3:24:59 PM ( 16 y ago)

Years ago, I met a rather 'down and out' fellow on the street. He asked me for 'spare change.' I was on my way to breakfast and invited him to join me,
'my treat.'

We became good friends, I thought. For weeks, he would come to my tiny apartment and we would listen to my records, which he seemed to enjoy. All except for one album I had, which he admitted was not to his liking.

I was in a relationship at the time, and one day, as I was walking with my girlfriend, he came with us and we walked together, the three of us.

Suddenly, my 'friend' put his arm around my girlfriend's shoulders, as we walked.

I reached over and removed his arm and said, 'hey man, what's with that?'
'Well,' he replied, 'I thought we were friends, and don't friends share everything?' 'Not everything' I responded. He left our company, quickly and without further comment.

Later, when my girlfriend and I returned to my place, I found the door had been forced open. My stereo and albums were all gone and some of my clothes, too!

There was one album, left on the floor. It was the album that my 'friend' had not taken a liking to. Pretty loud message there.

I was very upset, angry and feeling quite foolish for being so easily 'taken'.

After some time and deep contemplation on the matter, I decided the best thing to do was to take this event as a lesson. What was I to learn from this?

It was my attachment to 'my' possessions and my expectations that had been the root of my anger and sorrow. We can't expect or demand that others are automatically in tune with our definitions of 'friendship' and 'honour'. If we make this assumption, we will often find ourselves frustrated and angered.

Does this mean we abandon Trust and Loyalty? I don't believe so. It means we must remain aware of the fact that often, people and organisations are not what they appear to be, or how they present themselves.

We can still learn to love them, if we can take these kind of events as a valuable and necessary lesson in Forgiveness.

Forgive yourself, first, for being angry and hurt
by your expectations and assumptions.

Forgive them next, for 'they know not what they do'!

Freedom is but a HeartBeat away!





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