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Trusting the ALL

Date:   6/5/2006 11:04:23 AM ( 16 y ago)

Can a bird comprehend the immensity of the sky? Can a tiny fish know the vast expanse of the ocean? Can the intellect of man understand the nature of space and time?

The finite cannot know the Infinite. We can only imagine, form opinions, theories, conjecture.

Faith itself, is held and based upon the assumption that our faith is founded in Reality.

All we can do is assume. This being the case; let us assume the best we can conceive.

1- There is a purpose to life, and it is Good.

2- There is only One Family upon this planet, regardless of race, faith or political persuasion.

We cannot ‘Know', we can only assume. Therefore; let us assume the best we can that we may find harmony in the midst of chaos.

If someone wishes to become a politician, a leader; Let them spend time on the International Space Station. Let them see the Earth from on high that they may gain a Realistic perspective of their responsibilities. From space the view of Earth shows no borders, no divisions.

These borders and divisions are based on the fearful assumptions of the Ignorant and must be seen as such if we and our planet are to survive.

Life after death? If we assume that there is life after death, it stands to reason that we will be re-united with those loved ones who have gone before us. In this case; we should attempt to live as honorable a life as possible that we may not shame or embarrass those who await our return.

If we assume that there is no life after death; we would want to live our lives as best we can; in peace and harmony with all so that our lives may not be disrupted or shortened by circumstance or foe.

This is the Path of Divine Assumption.

It is not found on a map or in a temple or even a Church.

It is found Within.




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