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Home Sweet Home

Date:   7/25/2007 12:56:22 PM ( 15 y ago)

Current research in the field of astrophysics is showing some interesting possibilities these days.

Scientists have discovered that there are many species that thrive in extreme conditions, such as bacterias and single celled organisms.

Some of these species are so adaptable to environmental extremes, that scientists are saying that there is a distinct possibility that some of these organisms could actually travel, via asteroids or space debris, to other planets, such as Earth.

The studies of mars has convinced many scientists to seriously consider the possibility that mars was once a lush, green planet, long before Earth was, and that there is a likelyhood that something went horribly wrong with the climate on mars.

Furthermore; there is a growing consensus that it is quite possible that during the stages of deterioration that mars went through, that somehow, some kind of organisms actually migrated to Earth. Perhaps these bacteria or single celled life forms.

The theory states that it is quite possible that life from mars seeded Earth, millions of years ago, and what we have and who we are began, originated, on the planet mars!

If this is the case, one can't help but wonder and ask, 'what happened?'
What happened on mars, so long ago, that the planet was decimated and all life was threatened and eventually vanished from the face of that planet?

Perhaps what happened there is what is happening here, now. We call it 'Global Warming.' 'Climate Change.' Could this be what left mars in it's current state?
Could this be the destiny of Earth as well? Will we have to migrate to mars, Terraform the planet and attempt to return it to a state of habitability to survive?

Is the time drawing near for us to return Home?

Back to the stars?

Stay tuned....




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