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Reality bites me in the butt.

Date:   2/3/2006 9:04:42 AM ( 16 y ago)

Hello fellow cleansers (or those trying - like me)
So, shortly after posting my last message I fell off the wagon! I'd been being real good about not going out (drinking/smoking) but decided what the heck - going to see a band on Friday would be FUN! Well, it was - and boy am I more of a lightweight than I was before I started cleansing! I don't know if this is typical, but I drank less than I normally would (probably had 4 drinks in an 8 hour period) which included a glass of wine at dinner - I wasn't OUT drinking for 8 hours (not that I haven't ever done that;) And gee, if I didn't wake up feeling AWFUL!
Anyway - Saturday I just couldn't get back with the raw stuff and the p&b shakes were none too appetizing...
So, it was comfort food and a lot of it Saturday and Sunday.
Finally got back in the swing of things this week and I'll tell you something.
It was only a 4 day lag.
But it sure highlighted the fact that I had a LOT more energy than I normally do in those 2 weeks I was sticking with the program (and I hadn't completely cleaned my diet up yet - I was just being super conscious of making sure I ate at least 2 raw fruits and 5 servings veggies (raw and cooked) a day and I was staying away from pasta/pizza...)
So, back on the program and starting to feel my energy swing up again.
On Clarkia 3 times a day
P&B shakes between 2 and 4.
2 liters of water a day at the least
bowel elimination - very good
Parasite elimination - who knows? I'm just trusting it's working.
Will cut out the cheese and meat starting next week, but can't (financially) waste what's in my fridge right now.
My plan now is this...
Feb 1-18 - back on the parasite/bowel cleanse with last 2 weeks being REALLY good about a clean diet.
Then a liver flush
After the liver flush I'm going to see about a fast - although if the ground-hog lied and it's still freezing will have to wait on that...
That's as far as I'm planning for now - I think I planned too far with the last one. I KNOW I can go 2 weeks with cleaning up my act since I did it, so I have the confidence I can last 3 this time.
Ciao Belles


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