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How I fit juicing into my work schedule.

Date:   2/12/2006 7:06:05 PM ( 15 y ago)

*sigh* Maybe someday I will the Powerball Lottery and I won't have to worry about such mundane things as Juicing -vs- Work Schedule. But until then...

Drinking freshly-made juice is the optimal way to get the most nutrition out of your juice. But how do you manage when you have to be at work early in the morning? How do you insure that you don't lose too many nutrients, or too much enzymatic action doesn't take place between juicing and drinking?

I get up at 3am and punch in at 5:30 am. (Yikes! That's early! But its a good schedule for me because I am out by 2pm and can be home before the kids get off the bus.)
As much as I want to have freshly made juice first thing in the morning, I don't think my kids (or the neighbors!) would appreciate the sound of the juicer that early in the morning. My juicer is pretty loud as appliances go - louder than the washer/dryer or dishwasher, but a little quieter than the lawnmower.

Here is how my husband and I juice for work:
Tonight, for example, we will make enough juice to fill 1 or 2 canning jars. We always seem to prep too much and have a glass or two of fresh juice for my husband and I to enjoy while standing at the kitchen counter. We fill the canning jars almost to the very top, then put the lids on. I put the jars in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes to put a little chill on the juice. I do this because I believe the enzymes naturally present in the juice will begin to "digest" the juice immediately after juicing, and I think chilling the juice for a short time will slow down the process a bit. Afterward we put the jars in the refrigerator until morning.

Next morning, I use a funnel to pour the juice into bottles, and take them to work. At work the bottles go immediately into the breakroom refrigerator until I want to drink them.

I suppose I could leave out the canning jar part and funnel the juice directly into the plastic bottles, but this is the method I currently use for work. I like the juice in glass, and plastic bottles are a bit too "tippy" during the chilling process. Also, there is something a bit "unnatural" about plastic bottles, so I use them only when necessary.

I would like to some feedback from you folks! How do you prepare juice for work? I don't know anyone at work who juices, so I haven't had the opportunity to ask anyone before.

Golden Avocado

ps: I am unlikely to win any lottery anytime soon
-- you can't win if you don't play!


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