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Switching from urine pH testing to saliva testing and fancying this is a good idea; ponder: why might 2-7 a.m. tipple be more concentrated?

Date:   2/25/2006 8:54:02 AM ( 15 y ago)

My urine just tested 4.5, as it's steadily been at all times of day - however, another of my brilliant ideas yesterday was to start testing my saliva pH - yesterday afternoon it was 6.4, roughly, and this morning it's 6.0. Whilst this is no means good (I wonder if it'll go up or down as I go along evey day with the urine) and does not change the fact that I'm on a steady diet of nothing but 4.5 liquid (distilled water is about the same), it does make me feel better - so my tissue pH isn't 4.5 after all, as I feared. That _really_ would have been unhealthy, and asking for trouble. This way, it doesn't seem to be much different from usual, at least. I hope it improves, though!

It just occurred to me - maybe night-time urine was particularly concentrated because by 3.30 a.m. it had been over 6 hours since I'd had liquids - maybe I was just dehydrated - I tend to get dehydrated at nights on fasts, perhaps from extra cleansing going on - on the other hand, I just "poured" myself a glass of fresh 9.30 urine and it is rather the same, even though in the past 6 hours I've had about a pint of liquid - maybe this is just a phase of concentrated urine, after all. Perhaps that is good We really don't know much about urine fasting, do we? The only stff we really hear about, about it, is the 75-year-old book of Armstrong, who is wrong about everything else. Reminds me of trying to live by the then 75-year-old books of Ehret, as I did when fruitarian - Ehret now generally believed by raw-foodists to be one huge mistake, even when they pay superficial smarm to him.


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