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More fasting webpages for perusal. In which I'm convinced that I am not risking my life, but saving it. The fascinating body.

Date:   2/28/2006 11:37:06 AM ( 15 y ago)

Here are two sites I recommend to fasters - , in particular, and also a Sheltony thing at - don't you just love how proverbially unhealthy all those natural hygienists at the top look?

I want to mention that the urinist idea is that water-fast concerns about imbalance or deficiency of minerals and nutrients and sugars and so on during a water fast (extended) are obviated by the urine, which has that stuff in it - that's the theory - hoping it is true!!

The starthealthylife article interestingly mentions what I was saying before, concurring with what one felt intuitively - that affirmations/imagery are much more effective for a faster than when one is eating - be nice if that were true, too. I can say that, whether through fasting and not being numbed by food, or whether through weight loss, or through both, one does start to have an increased sense of one's body, really feeling the bones of the back expand, for instance, when breathing - again, there's a lot of meditation/body awareness stuff out there that exhorts you to be aware of this, but, try as you might, you CAN'T - it's not a question of not focusing enough or whatever - it takes no effort and is natural when you are fasting. It happens by itself. Hopefully, post-fast one can live in this state all the time, through pure diet and being in touch with one's skeleton and such by not being overweight.

Speaking of hygienists, you know the old hygienist saw that one shouldn't eat between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. because that is when the body is in detox mode? I bring it up because so far the worst symptoms on this fast happen in the evening and the early hours of sleep. That's a shame because when I am asleep and not in wakeful consciousness, I am more vulnerable and less logical and practical and so on, more easily disturbed and alarmed. There were some alarming episodes of chills and indigestion, belching (the latter was clearly "retracing" so I kept my head and enjoyed the ride, a little), and my eyes take a wallop and woke up red and irritated. Bad dreams happen as the body releases toxins at night, too.

I've read that fasting cycles are about 2-3 days, so you'll be feeling good and then feeling bad (not necessarily, but keep it in mind so you are not disappointed and discouraged). The nice reason for this is that in your up phase, your body has gained sufficient vitality to go in for more deep cleansing and repair - it's a sign of greater vitality when you feel bad after having felt good.

I think everything else of interest you can read inthat website.

Surrisingly, according to my scale, I'm dropping the regulation pound a day but retaining fat % - I'm concerned about this. Since we fast until our _fat_ reserves are depleted - does this mean until we measure, like, 1% fat, literally??? In that case, it seems as if I'll be fasting for 6 months - ugh. Also, the toxins are released _as the fat stores melt_ - what if my fat stores don't break up, does that mean I'm not releasing toxins? These are the current concerns.

I read that after the first 7-14 days, the body acidity balances - I'm enthusiastic about that, because now even my saliva pH is testing very low! I'll wait to be concerned after two weeks, if it continues.

Here are priorities I'm tryingto take seriously during the fast so far -

WARMTH! even if I have to use on myself the heating pad reserved solely for baby kittens usually - it's important not to use your bodily energy in struggling to keep warm, and cold is stress.


REST, like doing nothing

ENOUGH WATER - I think that even though the urinists don't want you to drink too much water and hence dilute the healing properties of urine, I have to be safe about this extended unsupervised fast and take hydration seriously - a total of 8-12 cups urine or water for a day is what I'm now aiming for - by the way, urine cotinues to be strong, concentrated with toxins? The only night-time occasion when urgencygot me up to urinate was at 2, so I had that - it was a very strong 8 oz. Sigh.

SLOW MOVEMENTS - this is important to take seriously so one doesn't faint

POSITIVE ATTITUDE, not fear - fear wastes muscle tissue more than fasting itself, it is said - they also say it's acidifying

URINE MASSAGE twice a day

Two things I'm unsure about, as I can't find my loofah and they counter-act the total rest idea, but that I'm considering (I did do a little rebounding today) - some form of BRIEF lymph movement through body movement; and daily skin brushing (could be an important detox avenue without enemas)

One thing people recommend is SUN, but it is currently too cold to get direct sun and I'm not going to sit out in the cold.

"Pessimism has a physiological basis." - Max Nordau, _Degeneration_. He was a great enemy of La Decadence at the turn of the century (last but one, that is), which loved consumption, laudanum, death-but-the-brother-of-sleep, fascinating Kraft-Ebbing unorthodoxies, bad poetry, and MISERY. I used to be on the side of the fin-de-siecles, but is there ever immense bio-chemical truth to that - pessismism is the biological consequence of your only green food being absinthe. Or jellybeans and Saint Patrick's Day dyed potatoes, come to that.


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