Day 12 Gargantua and Pantagruel by jerksforthesedentary .....

Fun with urine.

Date:   3/3/2006 8:13:58 AM ( 15 y ago)

Well, Pantagruel, anyway. Starting farting a little during the day yesterday - in the early night-time, when I seem to have what symptoms I have, it definitely turned into indigestion, farts, belches, heartburn. I knew it was retracing because I haven't eaten anything and it as all very familiar digestive-disorder stuff to me from my non-fasting days. Rememer, your detox symptoms are unlikely to be things that you don't already know of from non-fasting. This is also the time of day that I have horrible night terrors when I first try to sleep - again and again waking up suddenly, feeling I've just died or will in a few seconds. Exactly what happened in non-fasting, but when it happens during a long water/urine fast, it's even _more_ troubling. It is always so convincing. However, I kept calm. The indigestion was an uncomfortable mauvais quart d'heure, but then passed. Over the past two or three days I've been developing an ever-more splendid rash of skin outbreak on my face till today it is quite impossible to imagine being seen by even anyone - though kitty seems not to blink an eye.

Some fasters raise the question of themselves whether they are "slow detoxers" - that is, whether, looking at what are suposedly the Detox stages, they fall a stage behind. Here I am at Day 12, and I have only started the skin outbreaking, mucus discharge (albeit still quite slight), and other detox such as, for me, indigestion, that are often consigned to the early first week stage.

A word on sleep - perhaps because of the melatonin in urine, I do not so far, thankfully, have the difficulty sleeping that other water fasters might experience. On the other hand, something in the urine apparently gives some energy that I don't believe I'd have on just water.

I am having thoughts of food that might just be retracings of old stuff passing through my bloodstream. Sometimes thoughts of vegan cooked junk - sometimes cravings for green salads with baby greens, avocado, tomato, some nori, sometimes a little raw junk food like a fruit and nut bar. Food thoughts definitely make the whole thing more difficult. I even crave switching to a nice, deep-healing, mineralized, alkalizing green juice fast. But I have a long way to go.

Continuing to "do nothing" most of the day. Experimenting, in addition to the urine massages, with urine packs for my torso, over the organs there, and head. Yesteray evening I used cold urine - a mistake! The one over my head (just a pillowcase soaked in urine, squeezed out, and draped on my head) did wonders for my hair, and I'm someone who has not seen any UT hair benefits washing or scalp-massaging with U - this came out curly and soft, though, and remember I am passing through the slough of hair despond as I transition from living on shampoo to living without - usually a period of ugh can't-touch-it greasiness.

Energy waxes and wanes during day - sometimes deeply deeply weary, sometimes bushy-tailed (definitely not bright-eyed). Indeed, I'm really annoyed - a bad eye infection I got no longer than 5 MONTHS AGO (not like years or anything) has yet to show signs of clearing up in this UF - the sort of thing precisely proponernts say UF will clear right up!

No shifts at all in consciousness or emotions, no psychological detox as such, no spirituality as such so far, in any imitatio Christi sense or otherwise. I could see that being possible if one were trotting around all day on the streets or in an office and/or watching slasher films and reading sludgy slosh, but I am quite open all day to fast epiphany, doing nothing.

One begins to wonder if such things - euphoria, godhead, and so forth, aren't properly properties of the alkalizing, particularly green, juice fast, as Dazzle here suggests in a Master Cleanse post. My pH is still as acidic as ever. I'm still waiting till the third week to hope for repair starting - at least it's clear that detox is going on! Whooppee! I guess repair happens after the detox has been significantly accomplished.


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