Day 2.....end of day by midge .....

But I want to eat

Date:   5/9/2006 8:54:37 PM ( 15 y ago)

Well, I skin brushed this morning and got on the scale (yes, I have a hard time staying off that thing!), after the first day I'm down 4.6 pounds. WOW!

My head still hurt today, but not as bad as it did on Sunday and Monday.

Food was really a chore today....I wanted it!! This is such a struggle. I want to be healthy, but I want to eat. I want to be thin, but I want to eat. I want to feel good, but I want to eat. What a merry-go-round! I was reading some one's blog and suddenly had this urge to "forget this crap! and go eat!" I almost did! How horrible!

I didn't go for a walk, not much energy. But, it was such a beautiful day.

I told my mother that I was fasting again. She took it pretty well. I told her because we'll be at her house for Mother's Day on Sunday. I'm taking a pork loin over there.

My husband is thinking about doing a short fast while I'm doing mine, we'll see.

See you tomorrow,



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