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Stats and how I'm doing

Date:   6/9/2006 9:27:55 PM ( 15 y ago)

Hey All! *waving

Day 7, my last day on my water fast. I seem to be waking up early, with only around 6 hours sleep. I skin brushed. I'm feeling so much better! *clapping* My headaches are only mild in the morning. Actually, I quit a little early; I had juice for dinner and a couple of pieces of fruit later that evening.

Day 8 Skin brushed. I had some wonderful freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. Yum! Was busy and productive all day, finally have some lasting energy! Did ok for dinner, felt guilty. So I had a good talk with myself.

Day 9 Skin brushed. Went grocery shopping. Then we took my hubby's grandmother out to Cracker Barrel for her birthday. I was REAL good! I had a house salad. A few bites of hubbys potatoes, water, and a couple of bites of the familys dessert. I'm doing so good I'm Esctatic. Because, many times after I've done finished a fast or a certain program that I did, I messed up. Anyway, we came home and I've been cleaning all evening. I just said down at 9pm and stop for the night.

I thought some you might want to know the stats from my fast, here they are:

         Start                    End

Weight:198                  183.2

Waist:   39                     37

Ab:        40                     39

Hips:     45.5                  44.5

Rt Thigh: 28                   27

Lf Thigh:  27                  26.5

Calf:       14.75              14.75

Ankle:      9                     8.5

Lost: 14.8 pounds and 6 inches. All from 7 days of water fasting.

I'm an almost 42 yr old female. Have always had an addiction to food. So, If I can do this, anybody can.

I am happier, have more energy, and lesser headaches. I've made it this far after the fast, I'll be able to make it through our vacation with eating good. When I want a snack I grab fruit, veggie, or nuts.

Have a great day,




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