Day 3 by #31982 .....

A day closer to my Goal of health.

Date:   3/22/2006 7:39:09 AM ( 15 y ago)

Well i woke up and i was 5 lbs lighter already.. I am sure its just water..

but it does feel good. Anyway i did have strong cravings today.. This morning dont feel hungry at all.. Really thirsty i didnt drink enough water yesterday and that is KEY!!!!

I plan to do an enema on Friday to cleanse.

did read my bible study yesterday and read the bible. Was soooo tired i didnt pray and this morning i was even more tired. I hope this goes away. I cant wait to experience the need for less sleep this will give me more time in the mornings to pray, read and exercise. I read in many books and articles that say you will need less sleep. And feel rested... I want that!! I usually feel soooo sluggish in the morning probably from all the carbs i use to eat before sleeping...
Well i am also worried about kidney stones. I have had them 3 times. ELK!!!!
Doctor just said i was prone to them and watch what i eat.. Any way I would hate for me to get them again they are horrible.. I have read about a kidney cleanse. I might try that but i will continue with this fast and i am believing in God to keep me safe and focused.

I start school in two weeks and i am hoping by then i am no as tired and hopefully am alert and able to retain information.


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