Day 28 - Cinco de Mayo! by RedFizz .....

Finally officially hit the 20lb weight loss mark!

Date:   5/5/2006 11:27:59 AM ( 16 y ago)

I am super-tired, but it has nothing to do with the fast.  It has everything to do with being over-extended and super-stressed. 

Livingwater and Raddish have both really given me so much hope regarding my hypothyroidism.  I am looking forward to getting it tested when this whole thing is over.

I am almost to the end of my fast, but not quite yet.  I would really hate to start eating after having made it this far.  How much would I regret that!?  I know I would beat myself up over that one, so it is not worth it.

Oh! And it's official: 20.2lbs!  I have met the 20lb mark.  Very cool.  I will take my next set of 10lb increment pictures.  Can I make it one more 10 pounds before it is all said and done?  There's no telling.  I do know, however, that I will start cycling again once I complete reintroducing food into my system.  That will help a lot, too.

I am getting my car's oil changed today. It'll be my car's very first change, and I am so proud of it. 

Anyway, I get to sleep in tomorrow...Yeah!!!!

Until next time.


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