Day 34...Defended my proposal by RedFizz .....

Confidence level on the rise!

Date:   5/11/2006 4:01:05 PM ( 16 y ago)

I defended my proposal today, and it went well. I am going to a Front Page Follies meeting tonight...I might actually perform, which is scary. But I really think this fast has given me such as new sense of confidence. I really feel that I can do anything now.

Day 34! Wow.

I went to lunch with some friends and my professor. It didn't bother me not to eat. I just has some apple juice. I know, I was pasturized.

I am wearing a beautiful suit I bought on wishful thinking...and it fits now! I have a great story to tell all of you juice fasters when I have time. It will give you such has for me.

Anyway, gotta run!


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