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where is Heilman

Date:   10/18/2006 1:48:13 PM ( 16 y ago)

The National League Champion ship series is looking more like a series to decide who will get to be humiated by the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. William Randolph , the manager of the NY Mets has not had a full pitching staff to work with. Since Orlando Hernandez and Pedro Martinez have been sidelined for the playoffs.

But why has Randolph not used Eric Heilman in the playoffs?
It seems that would have been a better decision for agme two than Mota.

That fo pah by the mats management may have cost them the chance of going to the world series.

Is Eric Heilman in the Doghouse? Has he seen his last days in a Mets uniform. The mets have traded away superstars before,,


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