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considering my husband's opinion...why is this strange!

Date:   6/21/2007 7:22:15 AM ( 15 y ago)

Sometimes when I tell my coworkers I have to call my husband and see if it's okay to work late, they howl and laugh at me. My supervisor says to me, Make sure you call your husband and see if it's okay first! I did that a lot in the beginning of our marriage because I didn't feel it was right to spend a lot of time away from my new husband. Plus, working 11-7 overnight shifts means away all night and driving home in the morning tired (actually I'm pretty wired at that time!). It's not that I'm asking permission, I'm just asking for my husband's input into my life. There's only been one time he's asked for me to come home and not work extra time.

It's important that he knows I care about his opinion. It's a sign of respect. I lived in a neighborhood where a lot of the ladies didn't respect their men. A lot of the strongwilled single moms declared that they're never getting married,etc. Also, even in my own family, the women tended to dominate the men, leave the men behind and/or do their own thing when their men misbehaved (ex.cheating,drinking,etc.). Time to break the chain.

I was told that I'd get sick of asking him what he thinks. I'll be different in a few years. We shall see.


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