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a little dazed today

Date:   6/21/2007 7:22:02 PM ( 14 y ago)

Dun-da-da! Here I am at day 4. Yay! Now I feel like I am really dedicated to this and will make it through. I always question my stamina in the first few days. But, here I am... a little dazed and a bit of shoulder ache. Other than that... not hungry at all. I feel like it is difficult to even drink enough of the lemonade. Starting to get the feeling of what's the point of ever eating. I am not craving any food. Not even craving chewing like I have in the past.

Last night was really nice. I had a challenging work out with my trainer who does mostly "core training" with me. I didn't mention my fast to him but he did say that I seemed low energy. He also said that my skin looked really good which I thought was interesting. Then I went home and had a 30 minute bath with detox crystals by candle light. I felt like Jello afterwards. My Fiance was playing video games and being kind of too much for my tranquil state so I retreated upstairs to a more calming environment in the bedroom. I gave myself a foot massage and laid there peacefully pondering random thoughts. It was really nice to have that feeling of peace. Generally at night I am so caught up in being a busy bee and don't take the time to have "me time" and literally sit there and go deep into thought.

I had a nightmare that I broke my fast. I forgot about those nightmares. I woke up so horrified in the middle of the night and literally sat up in bed almost terrified. It was such relief to realize that I did not break the fast.

This morning I went to the gym to run for 20 minutes, ride the bike for 10 and then do light arm weights.

Weight wise... I am down about 5 pounds. I would be really happy to be down another 8 pounds by the last day. But if not then at least I know I am off to a good start for cleansing my body in time for my wedding.

Best to all of you fasters!


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