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"I'm Harps. ..I talk to the angels"

Date:   6/7/2006 6:41:15 PM ( 15 y ago)

It was May, 1980, San Diego. I was lost, totally lost from my truth, devastated emotionally from divorce and separation from my children. My life was meaningless and there was nothing I could do to reverse the outcome. I put my life into God's hands one day. I said "God, you lead me to the next step. . .I myself know nothing."
I was driving down 4th Ave. when I saw a "For Rent" sign. I quickly turned into the driveway and noticed a bearded man looking over the fence with his chin propped up on his hands. I said, " Do you know anything about an apartment for rent?" He didn't say a word. He just motioned with his pointer finger to come hither. . .I parked my car and walked into the courtyard. I introduced myself. The man says, "I'm Harps. . . I talk with the angels". . .We sat down at the table and he asked about my life and soon found out that I was a little mixed up. . .He simply said, "Well, let's talk to our Father in heaven about it. . .you know, we have a direct line to Him anytime we choose to talk about our problems, He's there listening to us." We prayed together and then laughed as though it was taken care of. Then he said, "Be back here at 5:00PM. . . and bring some fresh spinach."
Needless to say, I was smitten with a man of such character and curiosity. I returned promptly on time. When I came into his abode, he had me carefully wash the spinach. He watched me intently. We prepared the meal together quietly. Sitting down to eat, he prayed once again over the food. The meal was delicious. We kept talking and I mentioned than I had two boys who were living with their father.
In utter astonishment he cried out, "You're a MOTHER???"

Why, yes, I am. . .

"OH! OH! I'm so relieved. . OH You are a MOTHER!!!!he exclaimed once again. . .
OH! Thank GOD. . .I thought you had come here tonight to seduce me!!!!
And he broke out into outreageous laughter to my utter amazement. I had no intention of anything of the sort, but it was his way of making light of our first meeting.
From then on, he always referred to me as "Mother Mary, beloved Mary". He honored my soul and spirit and I began the journey from brokeness, to learning the ways of love. I was his wayward child, and he was my spiritual father, mending my wounds. LOVE IS THE WAY, he would say. . .it was the Harpo way for sure.

This relationship has continued for 26 years and now he's gone. . .his task is over, yet his words will continue to ripen in my heart forever. . .he left food for the soul, and the sweet fruit of memories he left in our hearts are to share now. . .
Yes, Harpo. . .your banquet included everyone and you fed us well, faithful servant!


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