Love is only Good If we Give it Away by harpolove .....

I have the miracle power to SEND LOVE FORTH!!!

Date:   7/23/2006 10:34:44 PM ( 15 y ago)

Thank you for the confirmation that LOVE is translated through these messages. . . .

"I BELIEVE LOVE is dwelling in ME
Flowing throughout my entire BEING
and I have the MIRACLE power to SEND LOVE FORTH.
Please do not miss it!
I AM Sending you TRUE LOVE!"

The above was written on the flap of an envelope
sent by Harpo. . .it so touched my heart,
that I tore off the flap and kept it with me always. . .

So now it is for you, because you understand "authentic" LOVE! That which is tangible, felt, eaten, digested, nourished, and comes to fruition in eternity!



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