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My God of Israel

Date:   7/27/2006 6:24:59 PM ( 17 y ago)

Throughout the years, Judaism has given me SO much! Sure, there have been times when I wasnít so sure about Judaism. But overall, I truly love it! The funny thing is, when I think about what about makes me love Judaism so much, I canít easily separate one aspect which outweighs the positives of another aspect. I love studying Judaism and learning new things about facts in the Tanakh (Bible), I love singing the niggunim, the melodies, not to mention the tífillot (prayers). I love following the mitzvot. Sure, I slip up from time to time: Iím far from perfect. (One of my favorite non-Jewish quotes is, "God made sin, that we may know His mercy" from Dangerous Beauty) I love teaching Hebrew school. I recently discovered that when I am at my job away from Hebrew school, I leave tired, but not drained. However, when I finish teaching at the Hebrew School, I leave energized every time. That realization said more to me that I could have previously put into words. Something about Judaism makes me feel alive! Something about Judaism lights a fire within me and I love that feeling. Something about Judaism makes me feel more fulfilled as a person when I have it as an active part of my life, as compared to how I feel when Iím not so active in the Jewish community.

Judaism is such a beautiful, loving religion. It is a religion of values and morals and a life guide. There is so much that is beyond positive about Judaism -- we should not be arguing over who is a "better" Jew, or who is a more "real" Jew. We should all appreciate that we observe Judaism at our own comfort levels and that Judaism allows us to practice Judaism as we see fit for ourselves. The only way the Jews will ever be a Global Community is if we stop fighting each other on minor dogmatic issues and love one another. Only then will we be able to conquer our outer demons. Love Your Neighbor As Yourself


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