Day 2 by starstuff .....

Family support. Essential.

Date:   8/26/2006 5:45:32 PM ( 15 y ago)

Six glasses of juice again, several drinks of Lemon juice squeezed into hot water (our tree is bursting with lemons at the moment!) plus two cups of broth in the evening.

I bought an organic cabbage yesterday and a few beets...both taste a bit earthy compared to the old lightweight apple and carrot combos but I've added them in gradually and I'm increasing the amounts...especially cabbage.

I had a headache all day..enough for me to need to lie down after dinner. Dinner...Haha...that would be the roast chicken and veges I made for the family! (I took a cup of broth down to the bedroom and tried not to let the smells coming from the kitchen torture me too much!) I made two trays of biscuits afterwards, the smell of toasting coconut nearly pushed me over the edge....I was having thoughts like "Well I'm only two days in, I could eat one of those and start again tomorrow...". Quickly took myself off again with another cup of broth and a magazine to read and only came back after the biscuits had cooled down and were packed away in a box. The kids enjoyed their after bathtime baked treats and their Dad brushed their teeth and did the whole bedtime business with them while I rested with my headache and another hot lemon drink.
I've done enough fasts (juice fasts only) to know these first few days are the hardest. Its good to have these days coincide with a weekend so my husband can take up a bit of the slack where the kids are concerned. He also does a great job of cleaning the juicer and this afternoon he's going to help me get some meals prepared and in the freezer for during the week.
Family support. Essential. (Or the support of good friends.)

I'm going to try a salt water flush tomorrow.

*My infected tooth is still bad at times, I'm refusing to take ibuprofen on an empty stomach but I did use paracetamol in the night. Every night at midnight the pain gets really bad. What is up with that?!!


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