My juice fasting history. by starstuff .....

I would love to achieve 30 days this time.

Date:   8/29/2006 9:25:09 PM ( 15 y ago)

1997: 5 days (inspired by Raw Energy book.)
This was before I was married or had kids. I'd had CFS for 8 years at this point. I had previuosly done a 5 day "Lamb and Pear" exclusion diet to try and identify allergies but this was my first experience with actual fasting. It went well but I was bedridden for the first 4 days with bad headaches and fatigue.

1998: 5 days again. Similar experience to above, but I branched out and juiced things like broccoli, beets and parsley. I was living with my now husband and he was very supportive.

2000: 7 days juice fast with psyllium and enemas (no sustained headaches with this fast and it converted me to using elimination methods to aid in toxin release.)

2001: 6 days...wanted to make it to 10 but felt too tired to deal with a big workload at the time. Liver flushed a few days afterwards.

(Break of few years, having babies and breastfeeding.)

2005: 10 days. I felt so good during and after this fast I've been wanting to aim for a longer (3 or 4 weeks) fast.

Currently on day 5 and taking 1 day at a time. I would love to achieve 30 days this time. I feel strong enough to....I mean I feel very committed, and I don't have any trips planned in the next few weeks. 5 days into it....that's 1/6 of the way to 30!

I've been re-reading Julie and Dazzles accounts of their 30 day fasts. I'm in awe of those ladies....can I really do what they did?


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