Day 5. Shaky day. by starstuff .....

Down but not out.

Date:   8/30/2006 5:34:50 AM ( 15 y ago)

5 juices today, 1 bought organic bottled fruit juice, no broth, and LOTS and LOTS of lemon in hot water.

Things went off course when I agreed to meet a friend this morning with our kids at a park. I didn't get to do a salt water flush before we went so I saved it until this afternoon. It didn't work!!....I just burped and burped and my stomach got bigger and bigger and tighter, then I started to feel queasy....and dizzy. 2 hours later I had NO results. How horrible to have all that salt stuck inside me. UGH!

I'm off salt water flushes! Maybe I need to read up on them more, perhaps they absolutely have to be done in the morning??

I bought a juice on the way home from the park. It had been 3 hours since I last juiced and I was feeling weak. Physically, not mentally. I really needed a proper juice when we got home but I had the needs of the kids to tend to first and they'd been promised a picnic on the lawn. It was difficult preparing all their stuff when I was feeling so in need myself. This is the first time I've let it get on top of me. I need to be better organised.
When I was a teenager I used to do cycle touring, days and days riding...I was super-fit! Anyway, one rule we worked on was that we'd snack before we were hungry...I can't remember the exact timing, but someone would have an alarm set to let us know when we needed to start looking for a good place to stop and re-fuel.
Next time I go out for more than a short trip I'll make sure I take juice (and I won't wait until I'm shaky-weak before I drink it!).

Later because I was feeling so bad after the SWF and I had to lie down, I missed making my broth. Dinner was late for the kids and everyone was especially! I saw it recommended to have "emergency broth" in the freezer so tomorrow I plan to make an extra big batch and freeze some.

Not feeling great tonight.....a bit like a big truck hit me, don't know if it's the salt (UGH UGH!) or because I didn't really get enough sustanance today. Going to get a relatively early night and try and attack tomorrow full force.


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