Day 6. Tough going. by starstuff .....

Curse of the salt water flush. Or curse at it...or something.

Date:   8/31/2006 9:32:26 PM ( 15 y ago)

I said I was going to attack day 6 full force, and it started well enough. I even had a really helpful email through curezone (thanks K) telling me I needed to be really well hydrated (with water, not juice) before doing a salt water flush.
So, I made sure I had 3 large glasses of water over an hour before the 4 glasses with the salt. No juice.
Within 30 minutes it was all on.....and for the following FOUR AND A HALF HOURS it was ALL ON! WTF?? I visited the bathroom...I don't know....30 or 40 times?
I didn't feel well enough to juice until 2pm and then I only felt like carrot and apple. I had 3 juices all up, and a very ummm...raw rear end. I'd like to say I can laugh at it now, but it's still a bit close. Maybe by this time next week?

I think, I'm not sure but I think, the 3 teaspoons of salt was too much. If I ever get up the courage to try another flush like that I'll try 2 teaspoons. If ever. IF!

There is an up side to today. I've finished taking my olive leaf extract and I'm certain I've got rid of the infection in my tooth. I haven't needed any pain relief in days! The tooth still needs work, obviously, but I dealt with the infection (which was extremely painful and causing swelling in the lymph nodes of my neck) without antibiotics. Even the bio dentists I've looked at locally suggest antibiotics before dealing with an abscessed tooth! So pleased I don't have to go there. I've been antibiotic free for 9 years now and I've dealt with a couple of nasty infections naturally. I can't do salt water flushes, but I do Vitamin C and olive leaf pretty OK.

Frankly though, I'm glad day 6 is history!


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