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Drink More Water!

Date:   9/3/2006 5:04:10 PM ( 15 y ago)

I wanted to eat today...not because I was hungry - in fact I felt nauseous after resorting to another salt water flush (desperate measures) this morning. I thought I wanted to eat to get things MOVING and expel some toxins (obviously there are toxins, I still felt like crap!). I imagine, because this is what it really feels like, that if you're not eliminating regularly some of the rubbish gets recycled - reabsorbed through the bowel and back through the detoxification channels before arriving back in the bowel....where hopefully it might be eliminated this time. Sounds like a waste of body resources to me...and it makes a body feel like TOTAL crap!

...I did the flush because I couldn't find my enema gear. We moved house and somehow that particular item didn't make it! Or if it did I don't know where I've stashed it!
The swf didn't start working until 3 hours after I'd drunk it. I felt so unwell for that 3 hours I had to go to bed. (I was up earlier, a bit sluggish but I still managed to make everyone an impressive cooked "Fathers Day" breakfast.)
So I went to bed and the Husband, bless him, went enema shopping (hehe I owe him BIG for this!). He didn't have any luck - they have to get one in. Unless he can get one in the City today, I'll have to wait 3 days! He did come back with some "Alpine Tea", similar to smooth move. And he came back to GOOD NEWS. The swf took gentle effect while he was out.

The difference in how I felt before and after was like night and day.

I put thoughts of eating firmly behind me, made some juice and moved on.

I've had some great advice. More water. A really good point, because it turns out I'm guilty of not drinking enough (lbs body weight divided by 2 = # of oz water). This, I'm guessing is in addition to the 4 glasses with the swf, and all the hot water I drink in the evenings with lemon.

Julie has suggested oxypowder, so I'm going to have a read up on that and see if it's available here. Cheers, Julie.

So glad I'm still in the game!

**I'm quite well read on detoxification from a biomedical point of view. Sometime I'll try and write some decent posts on it.


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