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I've just been doing what it takes to get to bedtime without serious thoughts of giving up.

Date:   9/8/2006 6:05:57 AM ( 15 y ago)

I thought I'd be updating this blog at least once a day but things have got so busy! I've been helping a neighbour friend tidy up her garden for an open home at the weekend. She gave me a ton of organic veges and herbs that she's grown....more than I can juice so I've been freezing some, and I made a big vege curry for the family dinner tonight. I used a heap of fresh coriander (cilantro) in it, and I love this herb in cooking, but I also juiced some (with carrot and celery) and it made me feel unwell! Back to my conservative old standby parsley I guess!

From Saturday I won't have so many commitments and I hope I can get more of my thoughts down here.

I'm glad I've been busy, and just getting on with it, because a couple of days ago I started entertaining the idea of breaking my fast for a couple of days, then doing another 10 days juicing. It's the perfectionist in me.....on some level I REALLY wanted to do 30 and now it seems the most I'll be able to do is 28. Nothing magic happens in that last 2 days does it??? I can't juice on my trip - it's a visit to stay with a the in-laws who are very conservative and not the healthiest eaters. I usually cater for the kids seperately from what they eat, which seems rude enough without me installing my juicing set-up in their kitchen as well, and this time I intend to eat more of what the kids do (ie veges raw or lightly cooked, rather than cooked to a sorry and slushy almost-pulp a la my mother-in-law).
My kids flat out refuse to eat a lot of my MILs overcooking - they're too young, and too honest to eat out of politeness!
When I say the IL's are not healthy eaters...well they could be worse...everything is home cooked and they have a great vegetable garden (poor veges), but there's also a LOT of sweet and sticky baking....morning tea, after lunch, afternoon tea, suppertime out it comes in it's rich and sugar laden glory. Thank goodness my kids are dairy intolerant and the MIL hasn't been creative enough to find acceptable alternatives to butter and milk. So the kids have what I bring for them and I bake very low sugar, and always use ground nuts and things to make the baking have some decent nutritional value. Do my kids sound deprived? I hope not. I just choose not to feed them sugar regularly...My doctor said they'll develop healthier immune systems without antibiotics, and with no or very little sugar in their first few years and so far we're on track.

Back to wanting to break the fast....I'm over that particular hump, I've just been doing what it takes to get to bedtime without serious thoughts of giving up. A couple of evenings I've juiced pears and ginger into a teacup and had that as an extra treat. I also bought a new book on Wednesday, to help make early bedtimes that much more enticing!
I've also worked out that if I really, really want to satisfy my perfectionistic hankerings and go 30 days then from mid October - mid November might work well!!
Do I need a recovery time between fasts?

I'm half way to 28! Woohoooo!!


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