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Great day.

Date:   9/13/2006 5:30:01 PM ( 15 y ago)

Nice spring sunshine here, so I spent the morning at the beach with the kids. I took juice in an insulated flask and a bottle of water.

Still heavily into the Spring's like I've been struck by a force!!
I got some arm weights but in fact I think I'm getting more muscle tone cleaning far!

I've been thinking about how I'm spending a couple of hours a day preparing food, as well as the time it takes to prepare my fruit and veges for juicing.
I've seen advice in the forums to "stay well away from food". That's obviously best if you live alone! But it's not an option for me. I think you just need an extra dose of determination in those first few days until you get the hang of handling food with the knowledge it's not for you! The hungrier you are the harder it is. It's important for me to have a juice at least 5 mins before preparing a meal. It doesn't have to be hard.
But all this preparing food is a GOOD thing for me I've decided. It's satisfying needs in me that aren't met by juicing alone. I enjoy being creative with food and preparing meals has become one of my greatest pleasures in the last couple of weeks. It probably ranks second after long hot showers!

When I fasted a few years ago, before kids, I had nothing to do with meal preparations during my fasts. I remember watching more television (especially in those first couple of days!), reading more, and walking a lot more!
During my second fast I wrote a little story about a Rooster for my friend's 3 year old and her father illustrated it. I do seem to get extra creative when I would be pretty excellent to have that capacity ALL the time!
...I wonder if it's wheat, or gluten...or something else that makes me feel foggy a lot of the time? I'm determined to find out this time!


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