Day 20 & 21! by starstuff .....


Date:   9/15/2006 3:35:16 PM ( 15 y ago)

I can't believe three weeks have passed just like that!
Day 20 I had a headache all day, I think I caught a bug my son brought home from Kindergarten. Had to get my Mother to mind the kids in the afternoon so I could rest. Didn't get out for my walk.
Today I've been much better. I needed an extra juice to feel back on top of things, and I got that at the juicebar near here after my walk. I haven't really thought of a 3 week gift for myself...I'm thinking maybe some new clothes....everything I have is very loose!!! 16 pounds lost now :o)
Looking forward to a trip to the markets tomorrow, although when I've passed food places the last few days I can't say I've been exactly oblivious to the nice smells coming from them!! If anything I'm MORE aware and it wouldn't take much to convince myself I'm hungry!
I'll make it through the market trip, then maybe stop in the city for a juice out and some clothes shopping. That's a plan! Only 4 more days and I can start leaving some pulp in my juice....LOL...can I handle the excitement of the thought of that????
Hope to have more time over the weekend to update here.


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