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I'm too tired for this

Date:   9/16/2006 3:03:15 AM ( 15 y ago)

i don't believe I mentioned earlier: After a few days of receiving Johrei, when I first started last month, I felt so discombobulated by the increased intensity of and new disparity between my inner and appeared outer worlds, I thought I might die. I spoke to the man who is the head of the center, I'm not sure exactly his role, but he seems to have been around longest. I told him what I was going through--he told me it wasn't uncommon and that I'd be ok. He told me that deeply buried stuff starts rising to the surface--i.e. physical sickness/unhealthy beliefs, dischordant relationships--that johrei brings it up so it can be cleared away, that sometimes it seems exceptionally painful, but it always turns out for the highest good.

The words are one thing, the experience another.

I'm tired, more later.


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