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life in 4 dimensions

Date:   10/2/2006 10:49:30 PM ( 15 y ago)

I've got that feeling that I've been whisked out of my black and white world in a technicolor cloud of smoke. I'm exhausted, though good things seem to be happening. People with their repetitive, negative tapes that they seem happy to hit the play button on when I start talking about my plans seem further and further away while they talk, like I don't feel the need to internalize or get concerned with what anybody thinks about me. I walked through a new career move that would have had me nearly fainting with fear a few months ago with relative ease. I just meditated a little extra. I think that's why I'm so damned tired, like every muscle in my body is sitting under a sandbag. I can't decide if I should exercise or nap. Despite the tiredness and still pervasive feelings of physiological agony, I feel like God is taking care of me and am not too concerned, even while being entirely too concerned


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