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Date:   11/5/2006 6:33:06 PM ( 15 y ago)

Life is gorgeous and consistently, drastically improving. I'm in a new career and suddenly, a reporter wants to write about me. Nonetheless, I am suddenly drastically unhappy, trying to uproot all the delusional attachments to anything being otherwise so that I can return to some sort of emotional equilibrium though it strikes me at the moment not to matter. Life unfolds moment by moment and the suffering can help burn away delusion when you give it to God, making you all the more present. I've said all that, and I still want to spend the night in bed or at least not feel the way I do at the moment, which is physiologically awful. I know I have plenty to offer, but I don't feel the power to act on a single bit of it right now. I just want to collapse. I know right now it's okay and God is HERE as ALWAYS and loves all of us and I am free and collapsing in bed doesn't mean any more than scampering around all night working and helping humanity for today. cuz I feel mentally sick and down and tapped OUT. Thanks to those of you who've replied to my prior entries. I don't have energy at the moment to go back and specifically comment, maybe later, I feel weak.


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