Day 9 by fungivore .....

Day 9

Date:   9/19/2006 9:00:00 AM ( 16 y ago)

Well, it's morning of day 9. I feel way better today than yesterday morning. I think it helped to have 4 juices instead of just 3, with my last one about a half hour before bed.

I haven't had a swf the last 2 days, but I've started having beets in my dinner juice and I'm getting plenty of bm. It happens every time like that. I'll go for about a week needing to take swf's barely getting anything out, then I start drinking beet juice and have a few solid bm's! I think it's because it releases stuff from the liver? That's what I read anyway.

And I just had another bm with a bunch of that dark, stringy type waste coming out.

Finally finished the Authoritative Calvin & Hobbes I've been reading the past week before bed. I love the flood of childhood memories I've been getting from reading that.

Almost into the double digits!


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