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Vivid dreams, and worries

Date:   10/28/2006 10:29:21 AM ( 15 y ago)

So I have started into the land of WACKY dreams. These things are crazy. I love remembering my dreams its like going to my own personal movies made just for me all night but waking up rested (unless they are REALLY weird)

Last night I had a dream that I was like psychic and I knew a neighbour was going to be murdered but if I reported it that the people would kill a good friend of mine and it was just weird. I woke myself up from that one didn't want to know how it turned out!

The second one was much better, I was baking cookies with my roomate (we haven't moved in yet but we decided to bake cookies) surprisingly I woke up guilt free and not craving cookies.

I don't know aboutanyone else that has ever fasted before but I noticed if I feel a little hungry, I usually just burp a bit and The feeling is gone. Then I have some juice and I am good to go.

My nautropathic dr told me to watch for signs of hunger, weakness, constant lightheadedness, and headache that will not go away. The odd time I get a bit dizzy (usually around when I should be having some juice) but other then that I am clear and good to continue so far.

My concern is that I'm starting to feel like why did I ever eat food, I know logically I am going to have to break this fast and trust me the day I can eat I am sure once i properly break this fast I will savour food and definitely will have more willpower to not overeat and eat out of boredom. That has been my greatest struggle, when I get bored not eating as seems that was what I always did in the past, so i've been a VERY bored lady to be up this heavy. I have lost 12 lbs in 8 days which is not too shabby if you ask me. No more swelling in my stomach from my guts being leaky lol and my face is looking nice and trim. Its funny how I lose weight though IT shows more from the top down almost literally like i melt from head to toe.
Anyway I guess I was just a little concerned that I might be enjoying this fasting too much and I fear the feeling of coming off the fast when your first bits of food sort of throw you back into that lathargic pre fasting state at first. That is going to be really hard to take. But I am only at day 8 so I guess I have a long time to figure that out. I just hope I make it to 30 and don't slip up one of these days.

If anyone has any tips on Enema stuff I have a really hard time holding it in past 5-7 mins but I just feel as though there is something in there that needs to come out. I release a lot of stuff and have even past some (i hate to say it) gum that i swallowed at some point in time which is good that its gone but gross to think its been in there for any length of time Since I have not swallowed gum in a while. But when I release the enema it feels like there is more to come out but it won't. I know i need to hold it in longer I am sure, any tips on how to accomplish that would be great.


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